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Engineering Students generally confuse with the following FAQs?

Are you in a dilemma about your career path?

Are you searching for real-time industry experience and exposure?

Are you ready to explore the career opportunities provided through campus drives?

Are you enthusiastic about improving your digital communication skills?

Are you looking to build up a solid value-added Resume/CV?

If yes, then we have the solution to address your queries
Be Intern Engineering, an initiative by Questease Solutions, brings you online internships for engineering students, an exclusive program design to you an abundance of opportunities. The experience will take you to the next level in pursuit of your career.


Program structure – Online Internship  for Engineering Students are as follows

     Day -1

     Get the industrial Insights & Business Communication
     Understand the set standards for Professional Behavior from Industry Perspective

     Day -2

    Overview of the selected domain for internship and understand the tools associated with it and implementation process

     Day -3

Concept Class on the selected domain by the expert faculty to understand the technology well

     Day -4

Project Selection & Discussion

     Day – 6

 Requirement & Analysis of the Project

     Day – 7

Placement & Interview Readiness and CV Preparation Recap of the Project work

Internship Domains


Industry Automation

PCB Design


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics


Digital Marketing

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The  online internship for engineering students program is all about working on relevant projects, learning about the field of study, and developing hard and soft skills. Internships help you figure out what you want to do with your career and then make it easier to crack the campus interviews..

Internships play an essential role in defining a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. In addition to that, it provides them with opportunities for career exploration and development by learning new skills.

All Engineering students from the 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th year are eligible for the program.

  • They will get valuable work experience.
  •   Learn to work and polish their soft and technical skills
  •   Organize their time effectively and ability to work in a team

Paid Internship: A paid internship is like a job before the actual job where students get a chance to apply the knowledge they have gained through academics in a practical and workplace setting. It is preferable for students who already have gained expert knowledge in their field of study and are ready for the real-time working environment.

Internship Training: A training internship is more like a skill acquisition where you get training on a specific skill or domain based on the student’s interest. Emphasis is more on practical learning than abstract theatrical learning. You will be given projects/assignments with a detailed report about the work you have done during your internship tenure to your reporting manager.

What you'll learn in Online Internship Programs?

  • You’ll get to know about the Structured, Industry designed curriculum
  • you’ll learn in online classes program concepts with practical examples.
  • you’ll Gain valuable knowledge, gain experience and work on real-time exposure
  • you’ll learn Soft Skills with a focus on digital communication 
  •  you’ll get guidance on Career path discussions 


The program was excellent, and we learned a lot in the internship program and guided us well in preparing ourselves for campus drives.
online Be intern engineering
I joined the program with a referral from my batchmate. It was a good decision as the faculty cleared all our doubts and provided us with real-time experience.
Be Intern Engineering
Adil Hassan
I recommend Be intern engineering program that's an exclusive design for engineering students, and they have well-experienced in providing Internship training.
Be Intern Engineering PCB Design
Rajesh Kumar

Key Takeaway of the Online Internship Program

  • You’ll get a Certification from Robotaqnia Pvt.Ltd accredited with based organization
  • You’ll able to Prepared a structured value-added Resume/CV 
  • You’ll get practical Industry oriented exposure. 
  •  You’ll Become an Industry, ready Professional.


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About Be intern Engineering

 Be Intern engineering is an initiative of Questease Solutions that offers industry-oriented Internships for the last seven years to all engineering students. We are an exclusive platform for engineering students with end-to-end training on various domains with practical exposure. In the past, we had partnered with HCL Career Development Centre, HPE, and Microsoft to deliver the most sought-after Industrial internship programs. 

Our focus is on skill development and trains the students for Industry. With changing, trends and demands for new professionals, the Industry needs candidates to have knowledge and experience in the desired field. 

We at be intern engineering, an internship initiative by Quest ease solutions, has bridged the gap between Industry and Colleges for the last seven years.

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