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Data Science Internship

Join Be Intern Engineering 7 - Days Online Data Science Internship Program and Gain experience in Python, structured and unstructured data, tools and techniques.

Data science is a combination of mathematics, algorithms, and machine learning that helps as decision-making tools to bring out knowledge in both structured and unstructured data.
Data science is one the fastest growing fields as companies are in dire need of data analysts who understand data science tools and apply them to drive improvements in products and processes, research and design, testing, and operations.

Eligibility: Pursing Engineering Students (2nd to 4th year)
You can apply for Data Science Internship  Program while  pursuing  your engineering

Data Science internship- be intern engineering

Learning Data Science helps engineering students to prepare and explore various fields and also gives them an understanding of different business tool kits.

Data Science Internship Program Highlights

DAY  1

Industry Induction and Introduction of Data Science and career it offers, and Internship Program outlay


To Understand Data Science Modules, fundamentals of Python and Machine Learning. Project Selection and Discussion.

 DAY 4 AND 5

Learn about Statistical methods of decision making, visualization tools and techniques.

 DAY 6

 Real-time Project -Applications of Optimization of Product content through designing and testing and completion of the Project.


Project Presentation, Soft Skills, Tips and Guidance on Campus Drives, HR Rounds, Technical Skills and Resume Credentials


Why Choose Us

Our Core motive is to guide, mentor, and provide opportunities to engineering students, deliver the proper career advice to make them aware of Industry and its process to prepare themselves accordingly.

Experience and Expertise Trainers
Our trainers do have expert knowledge and experience. They plan out the entire session in interactive modules so that engineering students get internship training in a way that helps in making them employable.
Real-time Practice and Projects 
Our Internship Program is most comprehensive and practical orientated with a must-do project for a better understanding.
After completing this internship Program, you will get an internship training certificate with due recognition from the Industry.
Support and Careers Advice 
Our induction program is all about helping students in their careers, advising them on opportunities, understanding the job market, and ready themselves for it.

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