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Campus Ambassador

Be a Campus Ambassador of Be Intern Engineering in your college or university, promote our Internship Programs exclusive designed for engineering students

Do you want to get work experience on your resume?
Do you want to get paid by representing the organization at your campuses?

We bring you the best of Brand ambassadors’ opportunity to work and grow with us without disturbing your education?
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Student's Benefits?

Stipends and incentives for representing our organizations
Work while your studies.
Meet and network with fellow students and attend our CBA training Programs.
Building your confidence and networks on campuses
Attending and supporting at employer-led events

Responsiblities- CBA

As a CBA, you are responsible for representing the Be Intern Engineering on campuses, promoting our programs, and highlighting the benefits to your university students.
We accept applications from pursuing students from all engineering backgrounds.

Desired Profiles

Interest in becoming the face of the organization.
 You’ll need to be ambitious with good communication.
Have to be socially active among fellow students

What our CBA has to say

Working With Be Intern Engineering help me in building my resume with experience to count. 
My role as Brand Ambassador has allowed me to connect with students, faculty, and other organization representatives. 
During my tenure, I have learned many new things, exposure to work culture, and team spirit.

About Campus Brand Ambassador?

At Be Intern engineering, it isn’t easy to reach each student or campus to explain our programs, benefits the students get, activities we do, and events we conduct.


We appoint candidates with an active mindset, leadership qualities, and ready to take the role to represent the organization or brand in their respective campuses. 


These appointed Campus Brand Ambassadors visit the different departments meet the fellow students/ professors/ Heads, and speak out about the organization and their programs that help in future endeavours.

Be Intern Engineering Campus Brand Ambassadors do have the following roles and responsibilities.

        Be a face of our Institutional organization and ready to represent it.

  • You have to spread awareness about our programs/events/activities.
  • You have to arrange and plan out our induction program/webinars about our organizations, what we offer, how it benefits students, and discuss the pre-requisite for Internship programs.
  •  You need to work on strategies to develop campus-related marketing campaigns.
  • You need to maintain the daily/weekly report of students they reached, responses, enrolments, and feedback from their fellow students.


Pursuing students aren’t familiar with or do have work experience to understand the work culture, ethics, values, and commitment it comes with the role. Many of them apply for campus brand ambassadors to earn some money or get a certificate that helps their future career prospects.


On the other hand, companies/organizations that hire Campus Brand Ambassadors have many expectations and want them to be result-oriented.


To understand the seriousness and ability of candidates in defined roles, companies prefer to join them in the campus brand ambassadors Program.

Associate with us, get trained and represent Be Intern Engineering in your campus.

Be Intern Engineering - Campus Ambassador Program content.

  • In this program engineering students, you will learn about the organization, Internship programs we offer, and the aim, objective, and vision we hold for its growth.
  • We explain the responsibility you hold and the essential skills required, such as team management, program coordination, public speaking, social media, content writing and promotion, and various other technical skills.
  • Being a campus ambassador for engineering students get the unique privilege to attend our events and conferences, etc., organized by the company.
  • You’ll get an opportunity to connect with other college students who joined us for the same.
  • You’ll develop work culture and experience to show in your resume, which is preferable by hiring companies as they find candidates proactive throughout their academics.
  • You’ll get stipends, perks, and other incentives for their work.
  • Get industry certified for being a campus ambassador.

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