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Artificial Intelligence Internship

Join Be Intern Engineering 7 - Days Online Artificial Intelligence Internship Program and Gain experience in Neural networks, Text Analysis and Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence internship is the best way to understand the  growing AI requirements in the field of computer science. This technology is diverse, with numerous applications everywhere, from a simple smartphone camera to Quantum Computing that required complex Learning-based models.

AI refers to a computer system built on human intelligence to and performs tasks to solve problems. The best part of AI is it can do this much faster with more accurately than human beings. It follows the human behavior and thinking pattern and incorporates it into learning, planning, reasoning, and implementing it.

Eligibility: Pursing Engineering Students (2nd to 4th year).
You can apply for Artificial Intelligence Internship while  pursuing  your engineering.

artificial Intelligence Internship

Artificial Intelligence Program Highlights

DAY  1

Industry Induction and Introduction of AI and career it offers, and Internship Program outlay


To Understand Multi-layered Neural networks, know about a neural network by using the data and Project Discussion and Selection


Convolutional neural networks and their applications, How the tensor Flow-through tensor processing units, Know about Machine Learning using Python


Real-time Project -Applications of Deep Learning in image recognition and completion of the Project.


Project Presentation, Soft Skills, Tips and Guidance on Campus Drives, HR Rounds, Technical Skills and Resume Credentials





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Our Core motive is to guide, mentor, and provide opportunities to engineering students, deliver the proper career advice to make them aware of Industry and its process to prepare themselves accordingly.

Experience and Expertise Trainers
Our trainers do have expert knowledge and experience. They plan out the entire session in interactive modules so that engineering students get internship training in a way that helps in making them employable.
Real-time Practice and Projects 
Our Internship Program is most comprehensive and practical orientated with a must-do project for a better understanding.
After completing this internship Program, you will get an internship training certificate with due recognition from the Industry.
Support and Careers Advice 
Our induction program is all about helping students in their careers, advising them on opportunities, understanding the job market, and ready themselves for it.



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